Brennan Gilmore



Carolina Estates Realty

3608 Maidstone Drive

Welcome, Here you will meet Charleston's very best Realtor. Brennan is a 4th generation Charleston native and a 2nd generation Charleston Area Realtor. She works the entire tri-county area. Since she has grown up here under the wing of her father and his real estate empire, she knows the area better than anyone could ask for. She will tell you all the fun facts and tidbits about the areas past, and can show you all the small treasures that would typically go overlooked when working with a non-native realtor. Brennan is passionate about serving the community and works tirelessly to make sure her clients are happy and well taken care of. She patient with first time home buyers and is happy to explain and walk folks through the home buying process as well as folks who are not familiar with the home sales process. Brennan is a wife of a retired United States Marine. As a veteran spouse she is extremely dedicated to serving the veteran community. She has dedicated her career to the knowledge of the VA home loan process as well as knowing all the benefits that veterans have available to them, that even they don't know exist. If you are a veteran and need assistance in the real estate world there is no better option than Brennan Gilmore.